Clinell Universal Wipes

Author: Joe   Date Posted:3 September 2019 

Clinell products have been approved for use by the following manufacturers:

Clinell Universal Wipes act as an instrument grade disinfectant and detergent wipe for non-invasive medical devices.

The Clinell Universal Wipes contain a patented formula with wide spectrum antimicrobial activity, including fungicidal activity, bactericidal activity against MRSA, VRE, Klebsiella (CRE) and Acinetobacter, and virucidal activity against Norovirus, Influenza (H1N1) and Herpes Simplex Virus.

Clinell Universal Wipes provide a single universal product that disinfects and cleans in one easy step.

Range of use:

  • Compatible with a wide range of surfaces and equipment.
  • Approved by leading manufacturers for equipment and surface disinfection.
  • Clinell Universal Wipes have a near neutral pH and are alcohol free. 


Product Range:

  • Pack of 40 Wipes 
  • Pack of 50 Wipes (Clip Pack)
  • Pack of 200 Wipes 
  • Tub of 100 Wipes
  • Tub refill of 100 Wipes
  • Bucket of 225 Wipes
  • Bucket refill of 225 Wipes




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