KONA TGA Approved Infection Control Sensor Tap (KIC TAP) & Ozone Generator

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KONA TGA Approved Infection Control Sensor Tap (KIC TAP) & Ozone Generator

The Kona Infection Control KIC TAP is the worlds first TGA registered Kona Infection Control Antimicrobial Disinfection Tap (KIC TAP) -  ARTG # 315409

Please click on the above pdf for the brochure and article in the Australasian Dental Practice by Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO.

The Kona KIC TAP is simple to install, and the commercial ozone system provides Bacteria Free & Virus Free water for infection prevention in the Dental/Medical, Hospitality, Child Care, Aged Care, Food Services & Veterinary Industries.

This is the healthiest way of using water.  Hand hygiene and infection control every time you wash

Included: Kona Kic Tap, Ozone Generator and fitings.

Excluded: Standard Carbon / Phosphate Water Filter & Installation (Any Licensed Australian Plumber can install this device).

Main Features:

  • The KIC TAP - Kona Infection Control Antimicrobial Tap - delivers ozonated water every time you wash, immediately eliminating bacteria, corona and other viruses, e.coli, candida, staphylococcus aureus, alibicans, legionella...
  • World 1st TGA registered Chemical Free Antimicrobial Sensor Faucet
  • Watermark approved, FDA Safety approved, SGS tested 10 second rinse with 99.99% kill rate
  • Pre-rinsing & soaking surgical instruments prior to autoclave
  • Antimicrobial water 24/7 on demand POU
  • Improved hand hygiene and safety: 99.99% kill rate with just a 10 sec rinse
  • Oxidise microbes and prevent biofilm colonising sinks and S-traps
  • Easy installation, by a registered Australian plumber, low cost, chemical free infection prevention.
  • 12 Month Australian Warranty


The KIC TAP technology converts oxygen to ozone gas and mixes it with water to create ozone water straight from the tap. Ozone water can be used directly on hands, foods and surfaces as a very powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses and germs.

This is how KIC TAPS work: A generator placed under the sink generates ozone gas, and the ozone gas is then carried by a tube to the tap and it is mixed with water. 

This tap can be used across a broad spectrum of businesses and institutions including hospitals, schools, residential aged care facilities, restaurants.

More about Ozone: Ozone is the most effective disinfectant on earth. It kills all the germs, food pathogens, E-coli, Listeria, Shigella, Salmonella, Hepatitis A and Legionella and reacts 3,000 times faster than chlorine. It does not leave unwanted chemical residues and it’s being used to treat drinking water across the world. Many facilities in France, Australia, USA, Germany, the UK and other countries use ozonated water as the best solution to infection control.

Ozone is being used to disinfect water by many international bottled drinks companies. Hospitals use it to sterilise medical wards, and restaurants to clean work surfaces and wash fruits and vegetables before use.

Why invest in the KONA KIC TAP?

Prevention is always better than Cure. The KIC TAP ozonated water provides new standard of care, chemical FREE, environmentally safe and effective Infection Control, 24 hours a day.

The New KIC Tap (kona Infection Control Antimicrobial Tap) is the latest innovation in preventing infections and a unique and simple Chemical free solution in eliminating the threat of biofilm & Superbugs where current Chemical intervention is no longer effective in todays society of muti-resistant bacteria.

Many Australian surgeries are now considering a general handwash stations even for patients to have a quick rinse before entering a surgical room.

Unlike ordinary taps KIC TAPS are the ONLY PATENTED scientifically proven, environmentally friendly, and easily installed ANTI-MICROBIAL TAPS featuring on-demand Aqueous Ozone Infection Control 24 HOURS A DAY which kills bacteria and viruses within seconds of contact and leaves no toxic chemicals or residue behind.

KIC TAPS are also an affordable and simple, yet the most powerful solution, for protecting staff and patients in the Dental surgery.

The KIC Taps treat the water with Ozone at point of use to enhance handwash hygiene protocols. The ozonated water eliminates potential threat of infectious disease and combats against the increase of Superbugs colonizing in sinks and water supply that are resistant to current chemical intervention.




Brand Kona

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